Crafty Foxes Online is a Virtual Assistance website, providing support with management, maintenance and general admin of social media platforms.

The services and resources on this site are tailored to facilitate Freelancers, Bloggers and Small Business Owners in creating and growing an online presence. Maximising visibility on social media, developing online branding, creating interest and ultimately driving traffic to your site.

Crafty Foxes Online has been created by Kate Evans; A Blogger and Small Business Owner, who is an Experienced Virtual Assistant with a background in Marketing.

You’ll find that everything on this site, from the products and free downloads, to the resources and services, are all tried and tested by those in the know.


Bloggers, Freelancers and Small Business Owners

Which of these is for you?

I just need a bit of guidance with my social media management and I’d like to browse some useful downloads and blog posts.”

I don’t want to read stuff. I’d rather see a walk-through or arrange a remote 1:1 session.”

I don’t want help with set-up, I just need a bit of ongoing help with social media maintenance to free up my time.”

Actually I’d just like to get an idea of which online tools and resources would work best for my blog or small business.”

Have a browse and get stuck in… Your social media management gets easier from here.